fioroni at  Istituto Svizzero in Milan.
fioroni provides the set-up of the Temporary Architecture Bookshop at the prestigious Istituto Svizzero in Milan.
project: Pasquini Tranfa architetti
Temporary Architecture Bookshop will be set up in conjunction with the exhibition The Most Beautiful Swiss Books where you can buy a selection of the most interesting volumes of architecture, graphics, design, published by Swiss and Italian publishers. The idea of the bookshop, which will be managed by Temporary Bookstore, arises following the Swiss Talks, a multi-year series of meetings dedicated to the orientations of contemporary architecture in Switzerland, curated by Federico Tranfa and produced by Casabella Formazione and Istituto Svizzero.
15.11.2019 - 11.01.2020
Thursday 14.11.2019   H 6:30 pm
With  the presence of Jonas Voegeli
Saturday 16.11.2019   H 5:30 pm
Building, teaching and writing on architecture
Meeting with Jonathan Sergison / Sergison Bates Architects, Zurich / London
Thursday 05.12.2019   H 6.00 pm
In valle
Meeting with CCRZ, Eugenio Castiglioni, Paolo Cavalli, Marco Zürcher, Balerna / Suisse
Istituto Svizzero Milano
via Vecchio Politecnico 3

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